Cinderella Solution: Is it the Best Women Weight Loss Program?

Constant control of your weight is an integral part of almost every girl’s life. Some women successfully cope with this mission, some make titanic efforts every day, working in the gym to keep their body in excellent condition, and some are in constant search of extreme ways to lose weight – fast and effective, one of which is dieting. Such a familiar and such a hateful word for every woman. 

Despite the fact that there are so many diets in the world (volumetric, ketogenic, interval fasting, etc.), their number is growing every day in geometric progression. And not all of them are good for our body (even if they bring temporary results). 

I want to be like a princess

The Cinderella diet blew up the web a couple of years ago and immediately became a viral trend. Girls from different corners of the globe joined together in communities, held Challenges, shared the results until the doctors sounded the alarm, and the hospitals were flooded with victims diagnosed with “eating disorders” and “anorexia”. 

A large part of the excitement was caused by a Disney movie based on the popular fairy tale, starring the graceful Lily James. Her thin waist, which was embraced by the manly arms of a sexy prince, instantly became the dream of many young (and not very) girls. Social network users even lashed out at the actress with criticism, accusing her of popularizing an unrealistic image of an excessively slender character, which many female viewers will immediately inherit. But Lily James explained that she herself is an opponent of a variety of diets, and the waist in the film created by the contrast of a lush skirt and maximum tightness of the corset. 

However that may be, today the extreme trend is gaining momentum again. Plump during the forced quarantine, ladies are ready to take any opportunity to say goodbye to excess weight, and, as usually happens, the choice falls on the fastest and most promising options, such as cinderella solution recipes. 

What’s the point?

The Cinderella Diet first appeared in Japan and from there it burst into the masses with lightning speed. Its essence is to strive for the diminutive forms of Disney princesses. “That’s impossible!” – you’ll say, and you’d be absolutely right. However, not everyone is so prudent: some girls (especially, teenagers) are so desperate to experiment that they sacredly believe that they can get the same waist as the owner of a crystal slipper. 

So, there is no nutritional principle of the cinderella solution. There is only a goal – it is the final weight, which is calculated by a special formula: Height in meters should be squared and multiplied by 18. As a result we get the number of kilograms which each Cinderella should see on the scales. Let’s make a rough calculation. The height of the average girl is 1.68 cm, then: 1,68²*18=50,8. That is, if your height is 1.68 cm, you should aim for a weight of 50 kg. Probably it is not necessary to explain that this figure is not only unrealistic and unreasonable, but also carries a significant threat to health, and according to the BMI index it corresponds to the column “underweight”. 

What are the dangers?

Such extreme weight loss can threaten future Cinderella: 

  • hair loss; 
  • menstrual cycle disruption or complete cessation of menstruation; 
  • eating disorders; 
  • bleeding gums and tooth decay; 
  • osteoporosis; 
  • gastritis and ulcers; 
  • visual impairment; 
  • coma and even death.

So before you plunge into food experimentation in the heat of the moment, consider whether the beautiful prince is worth your health. Of course, you can periodically stick to a certain (preferably years-tested and medically approved) food plan, but do not forget that for so many years of society no one has invented more effective ways to get a great figure and a healthy appearance than: adequate sleep, a fair amount of sports, proper nutrition and adequate hydration. So keep common sense and take care of yourself from the pernicious influence of passing trends!

It’s no secret that celebrities’ appearance determines their income, so the stars try as best they can to be slim and attractive. Many celebrities try hard to keep themselves in perfect shape, but some go to extremes in this, and for the sake of the next role are subjecting their bodies to inhuman tests, sometimes losing weight, then, conversely, gaining weight. Most of them, to lose weight in a short period of time, resorting not only to intense exercise, but also a variety of weight loss systems.

However, you should not take seriously all the new trends in dieting, because cinderella solution reviews tell us about the detrimental effect of this dieting scheme on health. You should refrain from such critical effects on the body to avoid the consequences. If you want to lose weight, there are plenty of other, safer options that you can use.

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