Development of the publishing house L`Officiel and the transition to online mode

Glossy magazines have long been an important part of the lives of many women. It is always pleasant to look through them in free time and to look at this world from a slightly different side. Each such magazine has a lot of high-quality photos that can completely immerse the reader in a special gloss atmosphere. Such journals are able to constantly maintain the interest of their readers and provide interesting content. In addition, any woman who constantly reads such a magazine will always be familiar with the latest news in the world of fashion and show business, which will allow her to be always stylish and modern.

The fashion magazine L`Officiel is no exception, which has long been pleasing its readers with excellent articles and photos.

Now it can be found under the link, but its history began in 1920, when Max Brunhes created it. It was first published by Andrée Castaniée in Paris and gradually began to recruit fans throughout France. The specifics of fashion magazines of that time stopped in finding among the hundreds of new designers a few really talented ones and showing them to their readers.

Due to the fact that L`Officiel was able to discover such names as Christian Dior, and Yves St. Laurent that happened in 1970, the magazine very quickly became popular among ordinary readers and even experts. L`Officiel became known as the bible of fashion, as it then did really high-quality work and gradually entered the international market.

After a while, the magazine patented its name and began to spread to other countries. This led to the fact that now it is well-known all over the world and almost every woman knows about this magazine, even if she does not read it herself. Now there are several different magazines L`Officiel that are directed to a different target audience and have completely different content.

Not so long ago, the magazine began a gradual integration into the Internet, which allowed it to find even more fans around the world

This was done for several reasons.

  1. Modernization. Now more and more information resources are moving to the Internet, where they grow and develop, gathering a really wide audience. This need is dictated by time and even glossy magazines cannot ignore it. Many fans of glossy magazines rejoice when they have the opportunity to open their favorite publication online at any convenient time.
  2. Wider audience. Now almost every person who has a computer or even a smartphone regularly uses the Internet. Accordingly, each magazine can easily find its target audience there and attract it to its own edition. The same thing makes L`Officiel which website can be found at
  3. Unlimited opportunities. If in offline mode each magazine is limited to certain parameters, then in online, these restrictions are erased and the publication can receive complete freedom. In addition, the audience will immediately become unlimited, which will be free to browse magazine articles and enjoy content. As practice shows, the Internet resources have much more regular visitors than the same offline points. This is due to the fact that now everything is gradually simplified and every person wants to make his life extremely simple and comfortable. This also affected glossy magazines, because if you have the opportunity to read articles of your favorite magazine anywhere and at any time, then why not use this option.

In general, the transition of the publisher to the online mode is not surprising. Recently, more and more large companies are doing this because there are much more opportunities to grow their business online.

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