What determines the effectiveness of Black Latte?

Black Latte – coffee concentrate, which is aggressively advertised as a universal means for losing weight. To understand the properties of the drink, carefully examine its composition, history of emergence and experience of application in practice.

The history of coffee black latte

Regulars of fitness clubs are well aware of the properties of caffeine and L-carnitine. Caffeine contributes to the fact that during workouts not carbohydrate, and hard-to-reach fat reserves of the body are burned (under normal conditions, carbohydrate reserves are consumed first and fat deposits are deposited “on a rainy day”).

L-carnitine is responsible for transporting lipid acids to muscle tissue cells. With an increase in the concentration of this substance, lipid metabolism is accelerated and, accordingly, fat accumulations burn out faster.

In South Korea, they decided to combine business with pleasure, adding L-carnitine to instant coffee. In 2015, the Dabang milk and coffee cocktail appeared in the menu of Seoul cafes, tasteful of a classic latte, but coal-black in color: enterprising Koreans added not only L-carnitine to the drink, but also ground activated carbon. Coal is an effective absorbent that helps eliminate toxins from the body.

The news of an unusual cocktail that helps to get rid of excess weight, instantly scattered on social networks. The idea was picked up in the USA and Australia. It is believed that the Australian discoverer of black latte (black latte in translation from English – black latte) was Okheon Bion, the owner of a cafe in Sydney. In this institution, in addition to black latte, they serve many unusual cocktails, for example, latte-wasabi and espresso with yolks.

In the US, the black latte recipe was creative. Since there are a lot of vegetarians in the country, they began to add soy or almond milk to the drink. In New York cafes, black lattes are often decorated with vegetable cream with charcoal of organic coconut shells. Coal Black Coffee is advertised as a “goth dream”. Those who have tried the cocktail claim that it has an unusual, but pleasant taste, however, grains of activated carbon are felt on the teeth.

Black LATTE:

  • L-carnitine is a substance that accelerates lipid metabolism. The compound speeds up the process of splitting fatty acids, resulting in increased physical capabilities, increased clarity of thinking and ability to concentrate;
  • chromium picolinate is a compound that increases the effect of insulin on the body. Chromium reduces appetite and, in particular, cravings for sweets;
  • activated carbon is a natural absorbent that helps cleanse the intestines of toxins.

To prepare the drink, 2 teaspoons of the concentrate should be dissolved in 200 ml of water. It is recommended to drink one cup of Black LATTE per day.

Terms of use Black LATTE

Advertising claims that you can drink coal latte at any time of the day, except for the evening hours (Black LATTE invigorates, if you drink it in the evening, it can cause insomnia).

However, those who are interested in the properties of nutritional supplements know that both caffeine and L-carnitine help to get rid of excess weight only if, after taking them, a person exposes himself to physical exertion. If you take drugs with L-carnitine and sit in your favorite chair – the body simply does not need energy, and fatty acids will not be used.

Therefore, in order to lose extra pounds with Black LATTE, it is necessary to exercise after at least half an hour after drinking the drink or to walk for at least an hour. The additives contained in the concentrate speed up the process somewhat, but you should not expect to lose more than 3-7 kilograms per month. To achieve more serious results, you will have to try: enroll in a fitness club, completely revise your diet.

What is a black latte for weight loss

Black Latte is a specialized drink based on the unique properties of activated carbon and a number of other components that contribute to fat burning and high-quality weight loss. The Black Latte recipe was proposed by the English scientist Jody Brendmn. His release on the basis of the patent is engaged in the company Hendel. In the sale this drink comes in a dry form. The powder, which can later be dissolved in water as usual coffee, is packaged in airtight foil bags, which prevents disruption of coffee composition and decrease in its effectiveness.

The taste and appearance of the prepared drink is no different from the usual coffee with milk – latte. Reviews about the use of this coffee indicate that it not only has a positive effect on the process of weight loss, but also helps to maintain the result for a long time! You can order this drink here

Black Latte Efficiency

The complex effect of the components of the product on the body contributes to:

  • marked loss of appetite;
  • lack of craving for sweets and flour;
  • normalization of metabolism in the body;
  • stabilization of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • active fat burning;
  • removal of excess moisture from the body;
  • high-quality disposal of slags and toxins in cells and vessels;
  • prevent the accumulation of fat subsequently.

You just need to drink coffee, follow the nutritional recommendations suggested by the producer of the drink, so that you can see a happy result on the scales already in the first week! Moreover, you will not need to significantly change the usual life rhythm, go to the gym, etc. But in the process of losing weight, physical activity will grow independently: thanks to a noticeable increase in vitality, deliverance and depression, strengthening the immune system and not only!

When do you need Black Latte

Black Latte has virtually no contraindications. Accordingly, there are no restrictions on the use of this product by clients of different ages, gender, and other characteristics. But in some cases, the purchase of Black Latte is not enough. Start taking this drink if:

  • you feel that your own willpower is not enough for you to give up harmful products, stop overeating in the afternoon;
  • due to lack of time, desire or physical abilities, you cannot go to the gym or do other sports;
  • it seems to you that after a diet those extra pounds will return with a margin.

Black Latte will allow you not only to lose weight, but also to enjoy the taste of an aromatic, really pleasant drink every day!

How to drink Black Latte

You can use Black Latte instead of coffee in the morning, prepare it to yourself instead of snacking, use it during or instead of dinner. For one standard cup, you will need 2 tablespoons (no slides) of powder and hot water. You can drink coffee immediately after its complete dissolution. Supplement it with sugar or other additives is not recommended.

There are no restrictions on the daily number of coffee servings. The more results you plan to achieve, the more often you replace the usual tea and coffee in your diet with Black Latte. By the way, this drink helps to alleviate the feeling of hunger, which will allow you to give up the harmful night snacks, evening overeating. So if you are looking for a nice option that will help you to lose some weight try Black Latte.

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