How to choose oral contraceptives

The contraceptive pill is one of the most famous modern methods of contraception. The popularity of drugs goes hand in hand with questions and myths: can oral contraceptives affect mental health or cause excess weight? How to choose them correctly? And what happens if you stop taking them?

How to choose oral contraceptives?

The human body has individual characteristics, so it is almost impossible to predict the reaction to the emergence of new variables in this system in advance. The prescription of any drug can be associated with the risk of side effects.

Oral contraceptives are a very large group of drugs. Only a doctor can assess how effective and safe the use of birth control pills will be. At the reception, a specialist must interview the patient in detail, tell about the pros and cons of each type of drugs, and warn about possible side effects.

Contraceptive pills are of two types. Combined oral contraceptives contain a combination of hormones estrogen (synthetic or natural estradiol) and gestagen (analog of natural progesterone) in different dosages. These products come in three different kinds:

  1. Monophase – each tablet contains the same dose of both hormones.
  2. Two-phase – the package contains two types of tablets with the same dose of estrogen, but the amount of gestagen in them is different. In tablets for the first phase it is slightly less than in tablets for the second phase of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Three-phase – the package contains 3 types of tablets with different ratios and doses of hormones.

These drugs are very easy to use and if used correctly, they provide almost 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy. You can buy such medications on the website

Modern combination oral contraceptives contain microdose or low doses of hormones and are well tolerated. There are also oral contraceptives that contain only a gestagenic component. Their advantage is that such hormonal contraception can be used during the breastfeeding period. They are also suitable for women who have contraindications for taking estrogen. The reverse side – oral contraceptives containing only gestagens, more often cause adverse reactions in the form of massaging blood secretions (due to thinning of the endometrium on the background of estrogen deficiency), mood swings, bruising and heaviness in the mammary glands.

According to the standards of medical care, for the prescription of hormonal contraception, it is necessary to tell your anamnesis in detail, answering all the questions of the doctor, to pass a breast exam and examination in a gynecological chair. If your health is good and there are no risks, you can prescribe contraception. It will not be superfluous to conduct ultrasound examination of the small pelvis and mammary glands, duplex scanning of vessels of the lower limbs and blood tests for clotting, but it is not obligatory.

Is it necessary to take a break from taking the contraceptive pills?

No, it is not necessary. Almost all modern hormonal contraceptives contain very low doses of hormones – you can take them for years. In addition, when using the pills containing estrogen, the risk of blood clots is significantly increased in the first months of admission. If you pause in taking the tablets, and then start drinking them again, the period of increased risk of thrombosis increases by several months per year.

Now everyone has the opportunity to purchase various medicines on the Internet. For example, you can open this site and find there everything you need. However, if necessary, you should still go to a doctor for a consultation.

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