Sport and beauty

Sport in everyday life is very necessary and obligatory for every person, for every woman and man, for all children, boys and girls. Sport is movement and health, movement is life, health is beautiful children, children are a continuation of life, health, beauty and sport. Sport is of great importance in the life of every person. One way or another, everyone is connected in a certain way with sports. Someone is actively engaged in the gym with a trainer, someone prefers to buy gymnastic equipment and practice at home.

Some people prefer to watch sports on TV, sitting comfortably on their favorite couch, while others even hate talking about sports. The importance of sport in human life is difficult to overestimate. This is not only a way to have a good time or to keep fit. Many devote their lives to sports and practice them professionally.

Others consider themselves far from sports, but do not miss the opportunity to spend a summer evening with relatives near the river. Both of them contribute to the development of sports on the planet. Playing sports professionally or at an amateur level play a huge role in the age of high technology, when people spend most of their time in stuffy offices in front of computers. Training is necessary not only to maintain physical fitness. Classes will help you escape from everyday problems that inevitably arise at work and at home. With the help of training, you can relieve stress, improve well-being. In the conditions of a modern metropolis, it is difficult to find the time and place for daily training, but you can buy football equipment and play sports with your children right outside your home.

With heavy workload at work, it is difficult for a woman to choose the time for sports, even if you really want to. A modern woman dreams of having a beautiful figure and making new interesting acquaintances, but worries about the family and heavy workloads during the working day push these dreams to the background. Visiting the gym or equipped area near the house, she will be distracted from everyday worries, fix the shaky nerves and put in order thoughts. Exercising will help get rid of several kilograms and tighten muscles that have lost tone. Sports activities are useful at any age. Young people need sports not only to keep their bodies in good shape. Older people who lead an active lifestyle and exercise regularly, feel younger and more cheerful.

In order to stay healthy, experts recommend practicing moderate cardio activity for at least 2.5 hours, vigorous cardio – 1.5 hours per week. It is also recommended to add two strength training to this scheme. It is important to understand that sport affects your body in a complex way. Here are some facts you should know.

Some facts about sport

  1. Regular exercise is associated with a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  2. Physical activity can prevent type 2 diabetes.
  3. Training plays an important role in raising “good” cholesterol and lowering “bad” cholesterol.
  4. Studies show that sports can reduce airway inflammation in people with asthma.
  5. Strength training has a positive effect on the state of bone tissue and is associated with a lower risk of osteoporosis.
  6. Sport helps burn calories and look more beautiful.
  7. Training is associated with an improvement in the state of the cardiovascular system and a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it has been proven that even minimal physical activity and yoga have a positive effect on heart health.
  8. Regular exercise is effective in controlling stress.
  9. Exercise energizes and increases the level of endorphins, resulting in a long-term and stable increase in the level of happiness.

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