Just as people are allergic to certain foods, medications, soaps, or fabrics, cosmetics are no different. There are ingredients used in many makeup products that can give people allergic reactions, especially those with sensitive skin. If allergic, you most likely will develop a rash that is red and itchy. You could also break out in a bunch of bumps that look similar to acne, or in some cases, can even experience some swelling. If any of these symptoms occur you are most likely allergic to one of your makeup products, but which one?

To determine which cosmetic ingredients are causing the skin reactions, you can schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to get an allergy skin test or you can perform your own allergy test at home (as long as the allergies aren’t severe). I start my at-home makeup allergy test by applying a small amount of a single cosmetic to my forearm, leave it on all day, and see how my skin is affected by it. If there is no reaction, I apply a different cosmetic the next morning, and so forth, until I find the makeup product that my skin has a negative reaction to. From there I can start comparing the specific ingredients to determine exactly what causes the skin irritation.

Remember, once you determine what your skin is allergic to, avoid all makeup products that consist of those ingredients. Skin irritations are a way for your body to tell you what it doesn’t like. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you so you could be the healthiest, most beautiful You possible.

Become one of the most beautiful people you know.

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