The problem of premature ejaculation

As experts state, the problem of premature ejaculation at least once in life is faced by almost every man. So if you are experiencing this kind of difficulties – complexes aside. Just take it as a given and take the experience of those who have these “problems” in the past. But first of all, pay attention to specialized medications, which are available here¬† Some drugs are aimed precisely at eliminating these sexual dysfunctions.

Everything under control

So, if you suffer from early ejaculation, the easiest thing you can do is to always use a condom (preferably with thicker walls) during intercourse. Thanks to the condom, your penis will become less sensitive and, therefore, sex will last longer. This way, you will stretch your pleasure and also make your partner a lot happier. The second step in the right direction is to delay ejaculation “with a slight movement of the hand”: when you feel the approaching orgasm, you should press the fingers on the base of the penis. This kind of exercise, practiced regularly, will eventually help you control your ejaculation. In this way you’ll feel like you’re on top all the time. The feeling that it’s not the situation that’s controlling you, but that you’re controlling it, is undoubtedly uplifting.

Distracted thoughts and anesthetics

It is not a bad practice to cool your ardor with some “wrong” thought before the onset of orgasm. For example, shortly before the most important moment, think about something completely devoid of any sexual connotation. It could be, say, a general cleaning, a large laundry or cosmetic repairs – well, there’s not a lot of non-exciting things. Try it – it helps a lot!

No less effective method – to put at the forefront of pleasure partners. For this purpose, you can resort to any “improvised means,” whether it be tongue, fingers, sex toys. The fact that your partner is already satisfied, will remove unnecessary stress, and help you concentrate directly on your own sensations. Another way is to use local anesthetics that dentists use in their practice. So you are guaranteed to reduce the sensitivity of your genitals. But the main thing here – do not overdo it. Otherwise it may affect the erection as a whole.

Analyzing “it”

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the causes of your problem can be: a lack of magnesium (then you need to replenish it); hormonal imbalance (take the necessary tests); the side effects of some medications (they need to be replaced). In addition, psychological sources of your difficulties cannot be excluded. Among them – excessive anxiety about the outcome of sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you notice something like this for yourself, it is better to consult a specialist.   

In any case, remember: drugs for potency are always on guard of your quality sex life. You can buy this type of medication at There are many excellent drugs that are available at a pleasant price.

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